Protecting the

and property of your company.

Protecting the people

It is a duty as well as an advantage to be able to protect the people and the property of your company. Indumetal guarantees all the protections required for the safety of people and property in work environments. We supply more efficient solutions to minimise the risks, prevent accidents and guarantee work in accordance with the current regulations. Our products are manufactured in a series in industrial plants in our country, tested to guarantee effective application safety. The presence of owned industrial systems guarantees the possibility of specific productions with custom dimensions and finishes.

- Definite operation times
- Transparency of costs
- Certified quality
- Technical consultation


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Preventing damage which could stop operations is important

The many resolved cases and the possibility of producing within the company allow us to plan corporate safety systems ideally. We plan systems which, thanks to our experience, we are able to refine and test in each case, based on work carried out in the past and with the possibility of using up-to-date plants.

The internal production guarantees quality and standards at the highest levels in the sector. Prototypes are studied and tested in the plant in order to create systems which can always respond ideally to market requirements.

Indumetal markets its products in the whole of Europe. Indumetal agents are specialists in the safety sector.


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