and sanitary

Food and
pharmaceutical sector.

HACCP-compliant hygienic bumpers

Indumetal hygienic bumpers guarantee compliance with
hygiene regulations and ensure the protection of critical
spots in walls, wall/floor joints and in inner and outer corners
where germs, bacteria and powders can collect more easily.
Their functions are:

High mechanical protection
As they are made with resistant material, ideal for
the protected area, with a range of models suited to
any possible case: from forklifts and transpallets
to cleaning equipment.

Hygiene preservation
Allow perfect cleaning in critical spots,
corners and wall/floor joints.

Wall insulation
They are waterproof and frost-resistant.


Minimum floor space
The bumpers run along the walls and ensure to keep the maximum floor
space free without requiring additional protection.

Simple maintenance
They can be cleaned quickly and easily, and do not requirespecial

Modular systems
Made in rectilinear units, inner corners, outer corners and terminals
on the right and left ensure the perfect application in any space.

Application fields
Meat industry, slaughterhouses, fish industry, bread industry, milk
industry, drinks industry, fruit and vegetables, supermarkets,
industrial kitchens, deliveries, catering, restaurants, pharmaceutical
industries, clinics.

Technical features
- High mechanical protection
- Waterproof
- Resistant to chemical agents
- Frost-resistant
- Repairable

Sanicoat protectors can be easily repaired
for any damages.

Testing of polymer composite
Tests carried out by the Engineering Faculty - Department
of Structural Engineering MAGNEL LABORATORY FOR
CONCRETE RESEARCH - of Ghent University.

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Coating | Fixing

The Indumetal hygienic bumper is available with external coating in white and coloured Sanicoat or with finishes in stainless steel.

Sanicoat is a smooth, aporose polyester coating which is resistant to impacts and water, is of easy maintenance and can withstand all the common cleaning products required in the health sector as well as in the agricultural and food sector.

Stainless steel
All the Indumetal hygienic bumpers are available with high-quality finishes in stainless steel and a thickness of 1.2 mm. Other thicknesses are available upon request.

The fixing between floor and wall is done with a particular sealing glue in MS-polymer specifically developed for Indumetal bumpers. Its unique characteristics, including its high elasticity and coupling capacity, make it the perfect adhesive for the health sector.

Protection class

Protection class 1
Ideal for preserving hygiene in environments which are
not used for transport: laundries, food stores,
cold storage rooms, kitchens, laboratories, healthcare spaces.
Products: OP10F, FCF

Protection class 2
Ideal for withstanding impacts in environments with transit
of light transport: warehouses, cold storage rooms,
supermarkets and preserving hygiene.
Products: OP16F, OP20F

Protection class 3
Ideal for withstanding impacts in environments with
transit of medium transport: production areas,
storage areas and preserving hygiene.
Products: OP30F, IP30RB

Protection class 4
Ideal for withstanding impacts in environments with
transit of heavy transport: cold storage rooms,
shipment warehouses... and preserving hygiene.
Products: IP40F, IP40RB, IP40RB

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