and sanitary

Food and
pharmaceutical sector.

Polyurethane impact protectors

To protect passageways and the door panels of cold
storage rooms.

Post P90PU | Features
Made in a single structure of polyurethane for food use
with load-bearing steel core embedded in the post. Base
plate integrated with a special sealing gasket in elastomeric
polyurethane to seal the contact areas with the flooring
and offset minor irregularities while ensuring hygiene.

Linear wall guard

Linear wall guard SL70PU | Features
Made in a single structure of polyurethane for food
use. Floor stands with a special gasket
to seal the contact areas with the flooring
while ensuring hygiene.

Model: SL70.50PU | Ø mm: 70 | W mm: 800 | H mm: 125
Model: SL70.100PU | Ø mm: 70 | W mm: 1000 | H mm: 125
Model: SL70.150PU | Ø mm: 70 | W mm: 1500 | H mm: 125
Model: SL70.200PU | Ø mm: 70 | W mm: 2000 | H mm: 125

Fastening system

Indumetal impact protectors guarantee a very high resistance to impacts also thanks to the fastening system included in the supply. The protectors are fixed into the ground with special sleeves with an internal thread (M10 - M12 - M16) joined with chemical anchors by injection.

Model: M10 | Ø Hole mm: 18 | T Hole mm: 115
Model: M12 | Ø Hole mm: 22 | T Hole mm: 130
Model: M16 | Ø Hole mm: 28 | T Hole mm: 175
The installation requires drilling the hole, cleaning it, applying the chemical anchor, inserting the sleeve with an internal thread and, once this has hardened, the protector is fixed with the screws provided.
High-visibility protectors
in accordance with the Legislative Decree 81/2008 Annex XXVIII
Features of polyurethane
- Long durability and wear resistance
- Can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +100°C
- High resistance to chemical agents (no oxidants)
- Easy to clean and sanitise


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