Finding the
ideal solution

for your safety.

Every space, every reality, has specific requirements

Nothing should exclusively be based on past experience; it must be developed in accordance with specific individual characteristics. The past has our wealth of experience, the present has our professionalism and the upgrade of solutions and regulations; the future safety of your company is our work objective.

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Assessing the risk potential

Risk analysis
Assessing the risk potential for sensitive company areas is very important for optimising protection operations. Indumetal provides an analysis of physical risks, allowing to choose the most efficient solutions for specific requirements.

Consultation for safety systems
Indumetal experts are at the client’s disposal for any technical consultations on safety systems, law provisions, on the latest updates in terms of safety, protection and physical maintenance of company property. After all, it is in-depth expertise that has made Indumetal stand out over the years, by supplying many industrial sectors and handling and resolving various kinds of issues.

Protection customisation
Indumetal incorporates its own reliability as a specialised industrial entity with standardised, tested and certified products to guarantee maximum safety and quality. Each installation project is studied, customised and optimised according to the requirements.

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